Find the course that suits you

Take your creativity to the next level

Do you have difficulties to engage your adult learners?

Embrace digital transformation to live in"the new normal"

What are you waiting for to integrate Digital and ICT tools in your curriculum?

Adapt to the New Education Paradigm in 2020

Combine your traditional offline classroom with new innovative online teaching methods.

Design your own European Projects

Learn to design, manage and implement Erasmus+ projects.

Make it SMART: new approaches in Education

Apply SMART SOLUTIONS into your educational environment.

Blend your educational offer!

Go a step further in your Blended Learning journey to transform your educational methods.

Improve your skills as a Spanish teacher for foreigners

Don't get stuck and enjoy your Spanish teaching process with foreigners.

Together we Can: Inclusion and Integration of Learners with Special Needs in Educational Programmes

Be aware of international legislation and polices and provide an integrative and inclusive educational offer.

Live in Europe: internationalise your school

Make your school more international with the help of EU funding, Build your first network and start your applications .

Go a step further in your adult education

Design and organise your educational offer for adult learners with low skills and low qualification.

Overcome your technology barriers

Improve your ability to interact with the "connected" generation. Website design, picture editing, webquests and much more.

Other courses

Workshop: Competence Analysis

This workshop gives you insights into approaches for training and support to unemployed adults.

Keep the attention of your students through storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to communicate an important information to another person.

Work based learning – the dual system at a glance

The dual training system is highly recognized worldwide due to its combination of theory and training embedded in a real-life work environment. You will be informed about the concept and the methodology, exchange about the certified VET trainer of Wisamar, talk to a school representative, experience how companies and schools cooperate, how examination and certification work.

Robotics in Schools

Bring technology and robotics into your education.

Coding for Schools

The course provides secondary school educators with teaching strategies on how to get started with coding in their classroom and give their students an opportunity to enter the world of programming.

Stay safe online for adult learners

Learn how to use your online tools and devices safely.