Blended learning refers to any educational activity that combines traditional classroom (offline) teaching with online teaching and activities. The traditional classroom content and the online content must overlap to some extent, and must compliment and scaffold each other, for the learning to be blended. A blended learning activity that is well-designed can combine all the benefits of the traditional classroom (conversation and interaction) with the benefits of the online classroom (mobility and flexibility).
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Teachers, social workers, NGO staff, youth workers, HR professionals, employees of bodies providing career guidance, professional counselling and information services; students, young people  


  • Deepen in the concept of Blended Learning; 
  • Provide the tools and techniques to improve the blended learning offer in participants’ educational programmes; 
  • Be able to implement successful planning and management of blended learning programmes and projects;
  • Learn about the latest and most effective techniques, tools and resources of blended learning educational programmes; 
  • Be capable of ensuring high quality standards of the results; 
  • Enhance participants project monitoring and coordinating  competences; 
  • Guide participants through  the most suitable methodologies, tools and techniques learnt with their target groups;
  • Learn about Digital and ICT methodologies that can be adapted to differnt contexts. 

       ·         Introduction to the Course 


       ·         Presentation of organisations taking part in the training course

       ·         Initial Self-Assessment 

       ·         What is Blended Learning (reprise)? Recap on Blended Terminology, Recap on Blended Models.


       ·         Selecting a topic to blend and exploring possible ways to blend. 


       ·         Practical session: Simple Audio and Video recording.  

·  Using Blended Learning: BLIP, Learning Outcomes and Lesson Plans



·  Storyboards


·  Audio recording (Podcasting)


  • Script development
  • Audio microphones
  • Audio post-production
  • Soundscapes
  • Podcasts as radio plays
  • Creative Commons audio content



·  Practical session: Recording and processing audio content.  



·  Blended Learning common roles: the student, the educator and the manager



·  Searching Tasks


  • Basic searching
  • Search Engines
  • Boolean logic
  • Searching for Multimedia
  • Search for Creative Commons content
  • Developing a WebQuest


·  Student Learning Styles   


·  Usability, Accessibility, and UDL   


·  Practical session: Various search tasks and challanges   

·  Digital Identity and e-Moderation




·  Videos


  • Scripts 
  • Working with the camera
  • Light basics
  • Greenscreen 
  • Animated videos 
  • Post-processing



·  Practical session: Recording and processing video content.  

·       Practical session: Finishing off processing of video content    


·      Copyright and Creative Commons



·      Giving quality feedback


·      Evaluation



  • Educational
  • Blended 
  • Financial 


·      Evaluating your own content


·      Peer Discussion and review


·      Final self-assessment


·      Final evaluation of the classroom course

  • Certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input
  • Europass Mobility Certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Agency

Before their arrival, all the participants will be requested to complete a short evaluation questionnaire in relation to their competencies in the course topics. They will be requested to complete a similar questionnaire three months later to assess the impact of the skills acquired in the course (e.g. any feedback from their students, their colleagues or other partners or teachers that they have involved by applying the new practices they have acquired).

Our course trainers will act as mentors to all the participants in our course in order to support them in their new professional prospects in the area of training and education.